Made in Italy: Shy and famous, yet unknown – the name is Genoa

It surely isn’t the first Italian city that comes to your mind. Not at all. I’m not even sure that you’d know anything about Genoa if you were asked. But I’m quite sure that you’d be amazed if you took a stop here. Like many others have been throughout the years and many others will … Continue reading

Italian Inspiration: A 16th century abbey for your wedding?

Picture yourself in a Catholic church dating back to the Middle AgeĀ  saying your “I do”‘s. Once you step out into the sun again you walk for ten (10!) meters – and there is your venue, ready to welcome you, the bridal party and your other guests. The first glimpse you get is of a … Continue reading

A romantic wedding in the Verona-area

When speaking about romance, one of the most sought destinations in Italy is Verona. Why, do you ask? Well, perhaps… do you remember the story about Romeo and Juliet…? Many couples find it extremely romantic to get married in Juliet’s house, getting their photoes taken on Juliets balcony or pronounce their personal vows by Juliet’s … Continue reading

Off The Beaten Track: Weddings in Turin

So, now we’d better talk a more little about all those marvellous places in which you may choose to have your Italian wedding. And today we are taking a glimpse into one of those places that not everybody knows of, where you are able to not be just one in a row and where you … Continue reading

A Masquerade in Venice – your BIG chance!

This is a really special announcement. For people who are deeply in love with Venice. For people thinking of going to Italy in February 2012. Maybe to celebrate their wedding. Maybe just for the pleasure of taking a trip to Venice. It doesn’t matter as long as you think seriously about taking part in the … Continue reading

A destination wedding in a secret spot?

When thinking of Italy places like Tuscany, Rome, Venice and the Amalfi Coast may come to your mind. Wonderful, beautiful, known throughout the world for the delicious food and important wines, culture, art, nature – you name it and you’ll get it. You can have it all… – IF you are willing to share your … Continue reading

Destination Tuscany

Italian Destination Wedding

A fantastic destination wedding in Tuscany! Just one look on the stonehouses and I fell in love immediately. And there really was a great atmosphere, I can assure you. But let’s get down to business. Immagine a small hotel on a hilltop… Immagine a couple in love… A setting around the swimming pool – with … Continue reading