Dreamy wedding destinations: Florence

Florence… (Or Firenze, if you want it the Italian way.)  Just the name of this place is able to make many perople sigh and want to come to Italy at once. Because Florence is, like Venice, one of the “must-see” places in the whole Italian peninsula. And once you’ve been there, you can easily understand why … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Planning a wedding or event in Umbria

It’s Monday and yesterday Italy was terribly beaten by Spain during the European Soccer Championship. There really is nothing much to say. Spain was better organized, better off, in better shape…and Italy didn’t stand a chance. But the guys of the team made us dream of victory – and that is worth a lot. So this … Continue reading

Made in Italy: A sneak peek from a time- and energy-stealing Italian wedding

…I can hardly believe that TWO WEEKS have passed since I last posted on the blog. How can this be possible??? I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, I really had wanted to being able to make it – but the last weeks have been so hard to overcome that it has been impossible for me … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Tuscany, perfect for any kind of wedding

Time’s running so fast. I can hardly believe that we are already facing another magic Monday. And today, my friends, we are going to Tuscany. I’ll have quite some weddings in Tuscany this year, and I’d like to show you around a little before the weddings are due. I think that almost anyone in the … Continue reading

Destination Tuscany

Italian Destination Wedding

A fantastic destination wedding in Tuscany! Just one look on the stonehouses and I fell in love immediately. And there really was a great atmosphere, I can assure you. But let’s get down to business. Immagine a small hotel on a hilltop… Immagine a couple in love… A setting around the swimming pool – with … Continue reading