WED WED WEDnesday: Purple-white weddings rock

You know, sometimes things just go “WOW!”. And you find yourself creating something that you’d never thought could be possible. That just happened the other day. I had a chat with a bride who wanted a very special feeling to her wedding, and she asked me to create an inspiration board in purple and white. … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: A little (too) pink…?

WOW – congratulations, you’re getting married. You’re going to plan your wedding, and it’s going to be absolutely fabulous. And you’re going to plan it from scratch, without thinking of what your friends, sister, cousin…did at their weddings. How fun is that???!! This is the best part. You can choose whatever you want. WHATEVER YOU … Continue reading


…oh, drats, it’s still snowing. AND it’s freezing outside. Fortunately I can sit in my office and think about pleasant subjects… Like today’s new post – we’re launching “WED WED WEDnesday” and I cannot wait to share…! What makes a successful event? When is a wedding memorable? How do you get that special celebration that … Continue reading