How to get a luxury wedding in Italy

Well, this is the first post from overseas: I’m in the US again to learn about the latest trends, get to meet awesome colleagues and vendors, chat with wonderful brides, get some wedding shopping done and, last but not least, learn more about how to serve my American clients better. Therefore, as I am out … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: LUX – To me a luxury wedding in Italy means…

Hi there! It’s Friday and you are close to another weekend. I will, as usual, have to work, but as you know I love my job so there are absolutely no problems at all. For this “For Your Eyes Only Friday” I have been wondering what to treat you. We have been through quite a … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: Cupcake maniacs

…I have to confess: I am a cupcake maniac! If you already follow my adventures on Facebook, you will know that every once in a while I post incredible cupcakes to the wedditalia wall for our fans (and for me!) to enjoy. I am fond of wedding cakes, too, but cupcakes are just so…special… I really … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Alessandria, Monferrato and Borsalino hats

I’m sorry for the fact that this Monday’s “Made in Italy” has been delayed. But sometimes unexpected events do occur – and that was the case this time. I hope that you will forgive me, I’ll try not to do it again 😉 So, I’ve told you that we are going to talk about something … Continue reading

“For Your Eyes Only”: Gorgeous wedding centerpieces

…I’ve got to admit it: I have a crush on gorgeous wedding centerpieces. It is just “oh so wow-ey” when you see the centerpieces at a wedding or other event, and you have to look again to make sure that you understood correctly and that the wonder that you think you see in front of … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: A peek into Preston Bailey’s wonderful world of weddings

Well, I must admit that I have been waiting eagerly for this WED WED WEDnesday to come up. That is because I am really SUPER-EXCITED about this post. We are going to talk about one of the biggest wedding gurus in the world. Preston Bailey. A name, a guarantee. A wonderful world of wedding design … Continue reading

“Made in Italy”: Italian shoe love!

What a fabulous weekend I’ve had: Friday night I was in an awesome meeting with a bride, Saturday I took part in an incredible concert (I am part of an opera choir and we performed Rossini’s “Petite Messe Solennelle” in the cathedral in a neighbourhood city) – and yesterday I had the most fabulous experience … Continue reading