Wedding signs: Here comes the bride…

It’s very early and I am preparing for today’s set-up of tomorrow’s wedding – and for tonight’s wine dinner…many things going on here, so better get up early to get something done… Hope that you are having a great day, and before letting you go for the weekend, I just wanted to share a couple … Continue reading

Wedding theme: Travelling

Oh, it’s Wednesday again, I am enjoying a hot and humid day in Wisconsin, US, and here comes one of my favorite posts, the one about travelling as a theme. You know how I love to take inspiration from anywhere I can – and as I am currently travelling around the globe to catch up … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: A wedding symphony in yellow

…I think that I have a crush on inspiration boards. And furthermore, I think that it shows. To tell you the truth, I really love making them. I love getting into the “feeling” of each couple I get in contact with, trying to find out their inner thoughts and dreams, pull them out and get … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: Cupcake maniacs

…I have to confess: I am a cupcake maniac! If you already follow my adventures on Facebook, you will know that every once in a while I post incredible cupcakes to the wedditalia wall for our fans (and for me!) to enjoy. I am fond of wedding cakes, too, but cupcakes are just so…special… I really … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Lakeside wedding inspiration

Some time ago I did a give-away and the prize I put into the goody bag for the winner was an inspiration board. The girl contacted me after a while, telling me that she wanted a board that could be good for a lakeside wedding. There was just one small problem: They hadn’t yet settled … Continue reading

“For Your Eyes Only”: Wedding cake toppers

It’s spring-time. I can feel it in my bones. Or maybe my body is longing for spring, who knows? The fact is that wedding season is approaching, and with that a lot of questions about what, where, how are to be answered. Like yesterday: A bride asked me what I would suggest as their cake … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Stylish chocolate-pink sweets table

WOW, how time is flying. Last week at this time I was strolling around the Tuscan countryside looking to pull together one of our May weddings and enjoying myself a bunch! It doesn’t really seem to me that a whole week has passed… How awesome, though – if a week has passed it means that … Continue reading