Dreamy wedding destinations: Florence

Florence… (Or Firenze, if you want it the Italian way.)  Just the name of this place is able to make many perople sigh and want to come to Italy at once. Because Florence is, like Venice, one of the “must-see” places in the whole Italian peninsula. And once you’ve been there, you can easily understand why … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Planning a wedding or event in Umbria

It’s Monday and yesterday Italy was terribly beaten by Spain during the European Soccer Championship. There really is nothing much to say. Spain was better organized, better off, in better shape…and Italy didn’t stand a chance. But the guys of the team made us dream of victory – and that is worth a lot. So this … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Volcanos are all around?

…today’s post is going to be a bit different from what I usually post. That is because of the earthquake in Emilia-Romagna at the end of May. (For a post about this region, click here.) I know that some time has passed since this sad event happened – you must have heard everything about it … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Truly Italian

When you live in a country for a very long time, you get used to the habits and customs of that place. I’ve been living in Italy the last fifteen years, and even if it seems like yesterday that I first arrived in Genoa and totally lost my heart, I must admit that I’ve gotten … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Shy and famous, yet unknown – the name is Genoa

It surely isn’t the first Italian city that comes to your mind. Not at all. I’m not even sure that you’d know anything about Genoa if you were asked. But I’m quite sure that you’d be amazed if you took a stop here. Like many others have been throughout the years and many others will … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Venice, a place for utterly romantic weddings

(credits) Whoot-whoot, I’m back again. And I’m so glad to be back to Monday and “Made in Italy”. Because something awesome is going on here and I’d like to share some of my thoughts regarding the “something awesome”. After the first photo I’m quite sure that you all know where we are. Venice. (credits) One of … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Tuscany, perfect for any kind of wedding

Time’s running so fast. I can hardly believe that we are already facing another magic Monday. And today, my friends, we are going to Tuscany. I’ll have quite some weddings in Tuscany this year, and I’d like to show you around a little before the weddings are due. I think that almost anyone in the … Continue reading