“Made in Italy”: An unexpected event…

(credits: wedditalia) …I am so sorry. Due to an unexpected event, Monday “Made in Italy” will not be online until Tuesday. I cannot express my distress in regards to this fact, it wasn’t what I wanted – but unfortunately it is what I get! ūüė¶ I hope that you will wait for the new post … Continue reading

wedditalia update: New feeling on Facebook

Okay, here I am again – a little surprise post for this Monday afternoon as I am getting ready to rock the night away. Something really huge is going to happen tonight and I feel so excited about it that I have to do something special to celebrate! So I decided that today we are … Continue reading

News are coming up…while show is falling

…can you imagine? It’s snowing! And quite a lot, it seems: I had to go to an appointment today, but they cancelled it due to snow. Incredible…!!! – that makes me think that I HAVE to share a couple of fabulous photoes. I just LOVE winter weddings! Love them!! Unfortunately this year none of my … Continue reading

Are you ready for some Italian wedding bliss?

(Photo copyright by wedditalia/Sabrina de Polo) A new campaign ready to roll on Facebook – are you ready for it? Can hardly wait to see how good it’s going to look…! Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted. Warmhearted¬†–¬†Elegant¬†–¬†Dedicated –¬†Dreamy¬†ITALIA! Annette

wedditalia and the weddings in Italy…changes ahead

Beach or yacht club wedding

…I admit, I have been away for at very long time. I really do apologize for this. But I had to do some serious reorganizing and thinking in order to discover what could be the best way of continuing blogging to you. It has been a long process starting with the trip to the US, … Continue reading


<a href=”Follow”>http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3159959/wedditalia?claim=mukcypb65gd”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Extra exiting news: From today we are also on Bloglovin’¬†so it’s going to be so much easier to follow us from now on! I hope that you’ll enjoy this new feature… Now go ahead and… Get your wedding off the beaten track!   Annette

wedditalia is WeddingWire Rated for 2011!

…ooooh, today I have got some really exiting information to share with you! It is not a secret that we do everything we can to make our bridal couples happy. And it is not a secret that we try hard to make new customers understand the quality of our services and the professionalism with which … Continue reading