I’ve got Italian weddings on my mind…

– look who’s back?!?!!? Little me – after just a couple of months of absolute, complete, total silence. I’ve been SO BUSY running around the peninsula fixing weddings. And it has been SO GREAT being in contact with all those wonderful brides out there – I’m sorry to having left you behind, but now I … Continue reading

Wedding theme: Travelling

Oh, it’s Wednesday again, I am enjoying a hot and humid day in Wisconsin, US, and here comes one of my favorite posts, the one about travelling as a theme. You know how I love to take inspiration from anywhere I can – and as I am currently travelling around the globe to catch up … Continue reading

Dreamy wedding destinations: Florence

Florence… (Or Firenze, if you want it the Italian way.)¬†¬†Just the name of this place is able to make many perople sigh and want to come to Italy at once. Because Florence is, like Venice, one of the “must-see” places in the whole Italian peninsula. And once you’ve been there, you can easily understand why … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Planning a wedding in Italy? – First Blog Anniversary Giveaway

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now. I wanted to do a giveaway, but it seemed to me that I didn’t have the right occasion. Finally, I think that it has arrived. My blog is turning one later this month (June 22), and that is SO HUGE that I absolutely have to … Continue reading

Made in Italy: A sneak peek from a time- and energy-stealing Italian wedding

…I can hardly believe that TWO WEEKS have passed since I last posted on the blog. How can this be possible??? I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, I really had wanted to being able to make it – but the last weeks have been so hard to overcome that it has been impossible for me … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Tuscany, perfect for any kind of wedding

Time’s running so fast. I can hardly believe that we are already facing another magic Monday. And today, my friends, we are going to Tuscany. I’ll have quite some weddings in Tuscany this year, and I’d like to show you around a little before the weddings are due. I think that almost anyone in the … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: A modern Tuscany wedding

(credits) Well, well, well… From the calender on my desk I can see that it’s WED WED WEDnesday again. Sounds really great as I am more than ready to share some real design work with you. I promised last week that we were going to talk about one of our Tuscany weddings. And after speaking … Continue reading