Wedding theme: Travelling

Oh, it’s Wednesday again, I am enjoying a hot and humid day in Wisconsin, US, and here comes one of my favorite posts, the one about travelling as a theme. You know how I love to take inspiration from anywhere I can – and as I am currently travelling around the globe to catch up … Continue reading

How to get a luxury wedding in Italy

Well, this is the first post from overseas: I’m in the US again to learn about the latest trends, get to meet awesome colleagues and vendors, chat with wonderful brides, get some wedding shopping done and, last but not least, learn more about how to serve my American clients better. Therefore, as I am out … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: An Italian vineyard wedding with baseball and books?

I think that I must have said it at least ten or fifteen times before: I get to know the most AWESOME brides. Now, let’s take one of the last ones as an example: She writes me an email to get to know each other. Well, as a matter of fact she writes me more … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Italian wedding receptions with a view

Today I’ll be taking you to check out a feature that shouldn’t miss wherever you choose to have your wedding reception. The panorama. Having your dinner served in a special place outside means that nature itself will be the frame of your reception. If you are eg. in Tuscany among the beautiful green hills, in … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Planning a wedding in Italy? – First Blog Anniversary Giveaway

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now. I wanted to do a giveaway, but it seemed to me that I didn’t have the right occasion. Finally, I think that it has arrived. My blog is turning one later this month (June 22), and that is SO HUGE that I absolutely have to … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Purple-white weddings rock

You know, sometimes things just go “WOW!”. And you find yourself creating something that you’d never thought could be possible. That just happened the other day. I had a chat with a bride who wanted a very special feeling to her wedding, and she asked me to create an inspiration board in purple and white. … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Turning eighty – an event with a scent of Provence

It is not uncommon that people turn eighty here in Italy. But it is rather uncommon that you hire a planner to organize this kind of party. Nevertheless, I got this assignment from a lady, who was to turn eighty in April, and her son. They wanted to celebrate this event as should be – … Continue reading