Planning a surprise wedding in Italy: How to get married without anyone knowing

The first time I heard from Signe and Kasper I thought that it was going to be a very short acquaintance. The bride wrote a short wmail telling me that she needed advice on who to contact in the town hall of Alassio in Liguria in order to be able to get married. This was … Continue reading

A special, bespoke wedding ceremony in Venice, Italy

Hi there, all you lovely people. I hope that you are all doing fine – I am as I’m excited about what I am going to tell you today! This week is going to be different. We are not going to have the usual series on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. No, this week I want … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Turning eighty – an event with a scent of Provence

It is not uncommon that people turn eighty here in Italy. But it is rather uncommon that you hire a planner to organize this kind of party. Nevertheless, I got this assignment from a lady, who was to turn eighty in April, and her son. They wanted to celebrate this event as should be – … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Arranging a modern fairytale wedding…in Denmark

Hi there, lovelies. It’s Monday and I’m so in love!!! – I know, I normally don’t speak too much about me, but today I just feel like doing it. I. AM. SO. IN. LOVE! And I can hardly wait to tell you about it. In fact, as you can see “Made in Italy” has once … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: How to design an ombre sweets table – at least in theory… (real event)

Hello, lovely people. Today is a great day – in a little while I’ll be off with a bride for some pre-nuptial shopping and last-minute designing, it’s going to be so fun and interesting, I can assure you! I can hardly wait… I’m also excited because of another reason. Finally the photos from one of … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: A peek into Preston Bailey’s wonderful world of weddings

Well, I must admit that I have been waiting eagerly for this WED WED WEDnesday to come up. That is because I am really SUPER-EXCITED about this post. We are going to talk about one of the biggest wedding gurus in the world. Preston Bailey. A name, a guarantee. A wonderful world of wedding design … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Stylish chocolate-pink sweets table

WOW, how time is flying. Last week at this time I was strolling around the Tuscan countryside looking to pull together one of our May weddings and enjoying myself a bunch! It doesn’t really seem to me that a whole week has passed… How awesome, though – if a week has passed it means that … Continue reading