For Your Eyes Only: Origami bridal bouquets. A keepsake and a fun idea

I use to think that there is nothing much that can surprise me. And yet. There still is. Fortunately. Life would be so boring without surprises (positive ones, that is!) 😉 A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with a bridal couple. An Italian couple, that is – better to point that out … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: Wedding planning and Baby’s Breath as a wedding flower

 Dear friends, I think that you are getting to know me quite well. As you may have discovered, I’m not afraid of swimming up-stream and speaking my mind freely when the time is right. I think that it has to do with age – the older I get, the less I am willing to hide … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: Tulip love for an Italian wedding

It’s my birthday today. I’m getting older. And wiser – hopefully… If I am to judge from the image that came to my mind when looking for suitable photo inspiration for today’s post, I would probably say that I’m not. But I just love the motion of this ice skater’s dress – dazzling! (credits) – … Continue reading