Get it personal – choose a different ceremony backdrop

I think that we all know the importance of having a beautiful ceremony backdrop. Something unique that will make your guests go wow when they come to your wedding. In this sense for their backdrop, brides often ask for arbors, arches and panoramas. Many come with ideas that they have found online, through designers like Preston Bailey, … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: LUX – To me a luxury wedding in Italy means…

Hi there! It’s Friday and you are close to another weekend. I will, as usual, have to work, but as you know I love my job so there are absolutely no problems at all. For this “For Your Eyes Only Friday” I have been wondering what to treat you. We have been through quite a … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: Oval tables for your wedding reception

Hey there, lovely people – what an amazing Friday this is. Here in Italy the hot weather finally seems to having arrived – today the temperature is above 28 degrees and I’m kind of having an issue with much too much clothes on… So, for “For Your Eyes Only” Friday, I’ve been thinking quite a … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: Origami bridal bouquets. A keepsake and a fun idea

I use to think that there is nothing much that can surprise me. And yet. There still is. Fortunately. Life would be so boring without surprises (positive ones, that is!) 😉 A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with a bridal couple. An Italian couple, that is – better to point that out … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: If it rains cats and dogs on your wedding day

(credits) I know. Rain on your wedding day isn’t a welcome guest. One of my May brides was “blessed” with an extremely rainy day. She came back from doing photos shivering with cold. It wasn’t supposed to be raining AND 12 °C outside. Surely not! But, if it rains there really is nothing much that … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: A ceremony among trees

I cannot believe it’s Friday! And tomorrow it is Wedding Day – I’ll be in Turin all day (and all night, I’m sure) to witness this fabulous event taking place. Can hardly wait… I was quite unsure on what to choose as today’s detail. But then I saw a photo on Facebook, coming directly from the fabulous … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Arranging a modern fairytale wedding…in Denmark

Hi there, lovelies. It’s Monday and I’m so in love!!! – I know, I normally don’t speak too much about me, but today I just feel like doing it. I. AM. SO. IN. LOVE! And I can hardly wait to tell you about it. In fact, as you can see “Made in Italy” has once … Continue reading