Tales of a wedding planner in Italy


It’s about the heartbeat. That special smile on your faces. Your eyes that say “YES! You got it!” – that’s the starting point. The point from where we begin our journey together, towards what is going to be the wedding of your dreams.

It can be any dream. Simple or lush, intimate or grand, modern or classic. What matters is that it fits you. That it feels right to you. It’s my job to find out what that is and get it for you.

For me weddings are a passion. I love what I do. And I believe that you can tell that from my work. And from my blog posts.

Before you leave, let me share this advice with you: Listen to your dreams. Follow your inner feelings. Be true to your mind. Get it right from the beginning!

Warmhearted ♥ Elegant ♥ Dedicated ♥ Dreamy ♥ ITALIA!


PS. Just shortly – and very factually – regarding me:

Annette, Dane living in Italy since 1997
Full-time Wedding and Events Planner since 2008
Member of Association of Bridal Consultants
Designated Professional Bridal Consultant (TM) and Italian Wedding Specialist
Creative, smiling, patient, professional

Love to get in touch with people. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

2 Responses to “Tales of a wedding planner in Italy”
  1. Aya Jones says:


    I want to get married in Italy but am unsure if my budget will allow it, also my boyfriend has not proposed yet. I just want to know the average cost of an italian destination wedding. I know that each package is individual, but an average cost would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • wedditalia says:

      Hi Aya. That sounds SO GREAT that you are thinking of a destination wedding in Italy for your big day! 🙂 It would be a pleasure to help you design it to your needs.
      As for an average price for a wedding…well, that’s like asking for an average price of a house or of a car ;-). It depends on what you’d like to get. Why don’t you shoot me an email at wedding(at)wedditalia.eu so that we can chat a little about your dreams and needs?
      I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Take care and talk to you soon!


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