I’ve got Italian weddings on my mind…

– look who’s back?!?!!?

Little me – after just a couple of months of absolute, complete, total silence.

I’ve been SO BUSY running around the peninsula fixing weddings. And it has been SO GREAT being in contact with all those wonderful brides out there – I’m sorry to having left you behind, but now I am back and big news are on their way!

First of all: The blog gets its own url. Oh yes, sir – I’ve already bought the new domain and I have people working on the switch-over. Hopefully it won’t take too long, I am so excited about this!

Second, but not less important: This major change in our strategy means that we will have a brand new layout as well. But please…let’s not start talking about that or I take off immediately. I can hardly wait to get all the designwork finished and to check out the final texture of the new blog…it’s going to be AWESOME!!

Third…well, other new features and possibilities are coming up. One of these has to do with the possibility of getting married in a beautiful villa in the northern Italy, another has to do with a typical Tuscan farmhouse, another offers the option of a Venetian wedding, or a ceremony in Verona…there are going to be so many great options for you to choose from that you will hardly know what to settle on. I am going to show you fabulous opportunities, so keep your eyes peeled.

And fourth – I’ll take you peeking into some of the weddings I’ve had during the last months. Right now I’ll just let you have a sneak peek into a couple of them so that you get an idea of what will be waiting for you within shortly…

– we’ll have a glance backstage at a wedding in Venice…

(photo credits)

This wedding was gorgeously fabulous and I feel so blessed for having been able to pull it together for bride and groom! You’ll discover why within the shortest possible time!

And I’ll take you on a trip to Tuscany so that you can get to see what special setting one couple had chosen for their ceremony…

(photo credits)

I won’t say any more word – I’ve already said more than enough!!

And then we’ll take a…hey, what does Snow White and her apples have to do with a wedding????

(photo credits)

– I guess that you’ll have to see for yourselves. It is one of my favorite weddings of the whole year up till now, so full of gags and fun stuff that you’d better be ready for that one šŸ˜‰

I have the feeling that you’ve got more than enough to think about – and I have to run as I need to go check out how the work in progress on the blog site is proceeding! I’ll be in touch soonest, I’ve got a couple of details to show to you – you wouldn’t want to miss out on those, would you?

I’ll be out enjoying some good, Italian wedding tales,



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