Wedding signs: Here comes the bride…

It’s very early and I am preparing for today’s set-up of tomorrow’s wedding – and for tonight’s wine dinner…many things going on here, so better get up early to get something done…

Hope that you are having a great day, and before letting you go for the weekend, I just wanted to share a couple of images that I find to be just fabulous: The detail of tofay’s “For Your Eyes Only” Friday is wedding signs.

They seem to be getting rather popular, and instead of having your flower girl(s) toss petals in front of you, why not choose to announce in a fun way that you are about to make your grand entrance? The effect is very interesting, and sometimes the little ones aren’t too intimidated by the fact of preceding you like this. Especially because they can be more girls helping out carrying, A great solution especially if there are many girls that you would like/need to include in your processional.


The sign that you choose would need to match your overall theme and style, but apart from this you can choose any size, decor and writing that you care for.


If you send more flower girls down the aisle together, you are bound to hear a bunch of “Aaaaww”s from the crowd. An easy way to wow your guests, don’t you think?


So, the ceremony is over and it is time to start recessional. Why not let your flower girls recess first, carrying a new sign to announce that you from now on intend to be be incredibly happy?


And finally, as a cute treat for your album, get a couple of photos with your sign in a beautiful place. It only takes a minute and you will not regret that you did it!


Oh, my, time’s up – I’ve got to run so that we can get things running here. Thinki about it – isn’t it worth the while to think about having announcements like this?

– of course, you are not forced to use the classical wording. Choose your own according to your style and personality – and enjoy people’s reactions to it. (If you do, please share your creations, I’d be more than happy to see what you are able to find out…!)

I’ll better get going. Have a great weekend – keep calm and have an Italian wedding planner 😉

Warmhearted ♥ Elegant ♥ Dedicated ♥ Dreamy ♥ ITALIA!


One Response to “Wedding signs: Here comes the bride…”
  1. Konstantina says:

    Love those little flower girls.

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