Wedding theme: Travelling

Oh, it’s Wednesday again, I am enjoying a hot and humid day in Wisconsin, US, and here comes one of my favorite posts, the one about travelling as a theme. You know how I love to take inspiration from anywhere I can – and as I am currently travelling around the globe to catch up with new trends, I thought it might be a good idea to share a little inspiration as regarding to wedding themes.

There are so many possibilities when choosing a theme for your wedding, so you will have to select one that really represents you. That is where I thought about what I would choose should I be a bride. And I found out that the theme that represents me the most as a person would be travelling. (This theme is also the preferred one of one of the lovely brides with whom I have been talking lately – look out, dear, many gorgeous details here for you to enjoy ;-)))

What would you think of having globes as your centerpieces instead of the more normal flowers? Doesn’t that sound fabulous?


Use an old suitcase as the receiver for your “guest book” – which is created from vintage post cards on which the guests write a short note and sign their names. A great way of celebrating your passion for travelling.


Vintage suitcases could also be used for your floral arrangements and look just gorgeous on your gift table, next to your candy buffet or as a backdrop for your wedding cake.


Guest favors could be marked with these cool bagage tags – how I jsut adore the succulents, such a gorgous present for your guests to take home. And a great symbol for and a good way of remembering your big day as many succulents tend to get very old…exactly what you would want for your marriage.


And that is all for today, dearest friends, I’m going to hit the ground running as I’ve got to prepare the wine dinners on Friday and help out preparing the wedding on Saturday. There is lots of work to do, better get moving. You take care while I’m away, okay?

Warmhearted ♥ Elegant ♥ Dedicated ♥ Dreamy ♥ ITALIA!


3 Responses to “Wedding theme: Travelling”
  1. Wow! Love this travel theme – the favors are such a great idea! Guests will never want to leave this behind!

    • wedditalia says:

      Thank you so much for this unexpected and very pleasant comment. I’m glad that you liked the post – to me it was a pleasure to write it. I too find the favors to absolutely irresistable – in fact the whole theme grew from the fact that succulents are very popular as wedding “flowers”…
      Hope to welcome you back soon. Have a great day!

  2. tgbears says:

    Love this idea. I love travelling, but would never have thought about it as a wedding theme.

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