Dreamy wedding destinations: Florence

Florence… (Or Firenze, if you want it the Italian way.)  Just the name of this place is able to make many perople sigh and want to come to Italy at once. Because Florence is, like Venice, one of the “must-see” places in the whole Italian peninsula. And once you’ve been there, you can easily understand why it is so famous.

Home to the Uffizi, the famous art museum where works of world-known artists like Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo are to be found, this city ranks among the most visited places in the world and is also on the list of places that people return to because of the great cultural, architectural and artistical patrimony.


All year long thousands of tourists from every part of the globe come to admire monuments like the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Saint Mary of the Flower), masterpiece of architecture known throughout the world, and the wonderful octagonal Battistero dedicated to San Giovanni Battista (the baptistry of Saint John the Baptist. Saint John is the patron saint for Florence, as he is for eg. Genoa.)

Another lovely must-see place is the Ponte Vecchio, the old covered bridge crossing the Arno river. The making of the first bridge dates back to the ancient Romans, while the one you will see when visiting Florence “only” dates back to the middle of the 14th century.

In origin the stores were dedicated to the butchers and the people selling meat. The reason for this was that any waste could be thrown directly into the river and the bad smell would not bother the citizens. It was only at the end of the 16th century that the Duke of Florence ordered that kind of commerce be transferred to another part of town and jewellers take over the stores on the bridge. The reason for this decision? The Duke had his residence very close to the bridge and didn’t like the odeour coming from the area!

Anywhere you go in the historical center of Florence, you’ll be enjoying the architectural mixture: Renaissance palaces, Roman churches and baroque fountains are just some of the ingredients that make Florence so interesting from an architectural point of view.



Once you get to Florence, you simply cannot miss out on the fabulous sight of the city by night. It is amazing to see how it is transformed by lights and shadows, turning into a different place to explore. Please remember to enjoy both the important piazza‘s (squares) as well as taking a trip up-hill to look out on the river and on the city. It is a sight that you will not easily forget.



To get married in Florence is a dream coming true of many a bridal couple. And it surely is a wonderful experience to say your “I Do”s in the Red Hall. With centuries of history as the backdrop for your vows, you are sure to have memories for a lifetime.

You could also choose to have a roof-top terrace wedding. That makes a great “frame” as well. Especially when you are able to get Santa Maria del Fiore as a backdrop… A more contemporary and less formal feeling to your wedding in Florence.
Speaking about weddings, the city and the area around Florence is full of fabulous wedding venues. Wonderful elegant villas, chic country houses and rustic, traditional trattoria‘s (the typical Italian family-run restaurant where you eat as if you were guest in a private home) are just waiting to welcoming you. Whether you want your reception to be an upscaled luxury experience or reflect the true Italian way of eating, we will find a solution able to satisfy your expectations.




To get married in Italy is an experience that you will treasure forever. And hosting your wedding in Florence adds a special feeling to your big day. You will be able to look back on your Italian wedding day with joy and pleasure.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to get married in Florence?


Warmhearted ♥ Elegant ♥ Dedicated ♥ Dreamy ♥ ITALIA!


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