Get it personal – choose a different ceremony backdrop

I think that we all know the importance of having a beautiful ceremony backdrop. Something unique that will make your guests go wow when they come to your wedding. In this sense for their backdrop, brides often ask for arbors, arches and panoramas. Many come with ideas that they have found online, through designers like Preston Bailey, Colin Cowie and David Tutera. Marvelously looking ceremony settings, I totally agree.


Lately I’ve seen many different kinds of settings for “the perfect ceremony”, one more beautiful than the other. It’s amazing how much gorgeous fabrice, countless flowers and beautiful chairs can do to create a stunning ambience for your “I do”s.

Nevertheless, though, I felt that I wasn’t searching for these backdrops as inspiration for one of my upcoming brides. I needed “something else”. But what to look for?

So, as usual when I am in need for inspiration, I took a stroll in a place that had absolutely nothing to do with weddings: A flea market. Perfect when you have to get creative and let your mind do its work properly.

And there it stroke me. I knew what kind of backdrop I would go looking for. I only had to find some suitable images for the bride. (Below you can see a selection of what I sent her…)





Needless to say that these ceremony settings are different from the classic idea of a wow-effect. Nevertheless, I find them to be equally fabulous and I surely hope that my bride will like what I have found for her. I’ll keep you posted on this subject, it could be quite interesting to follow, I think.

Well, it’s time for me to get going. Today there is lots of work to be done stateside and I cannot wait to get my hands onto it. In the meantime, while I work, you have a great weekend and please think of this idea: Would you like a totally different ceremony backdrop for your wedding?

Warmhearted ♥ Elegant ♥ Dedicated ♥ Dreamy ♥ ITALIA!


One Response to “Get it personal – choose a different ceremony backdrop”
  1. tgbears says:

    Wow, some interesting ideas 🙂

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