For Your Eyes Only: Bespoke weddings in Italy

(credits: Sabrina de Polo)

For a very long time I’ve wanted to post this for you. But until now it simply hasn’t been feasible.

You know, sometimes you cannot find the time – you’re simply too busy. You search and you try to make ends meet, but ah, it doesn’t work.

The duty I was procrastinating and for which I wanted to find the right time and place was…the updating of the website. This spring I’ve had quite a bit of bespoke weddings and events that I really wanted to share with you – why keep them to myself if you could check them out and give me some feedback on them?

And then, all of a sudden, something happens that urges you to take action. You

HAVE to make it. And the most of the times you actually make it. Amazing how our brains work.

Of course it was a bride urging me to take action. She asked to see some of my work – and I couldn’t send her to the website to check it out because I hadn’t been uploading anything since a very long time. Neither could I tell her to go to my blog to look – maybe she wouldn’t find what I would want her to see. No good idea.

So I had to push everything else aside and get to it. And as usual when I get down to my wedding planning business stuff, I have fun while working. I wanted to make sure that you got the most of the beautiful ceremonies, the gorgeous reception tables, the guests having fun, bride and groom in love…all those images that make you want to come over to Italy to get married. 😉

So I’ve uploaded some of the new photos, added the new logo, chosen a new header for the pages and changed the font on some parts of the website. There is still some work to be done (eg. I have other marvelous photos to share with you) but I’d like your opinion on what I’ve done so far. Please feel free to comment below – I promise that I won’t take any offence 😉

– ah, below I’m sharing the new header with you. I kind of like how it turned out…what are your thoughts?

(credits: wedditalia)

Gotta run, I have to finish what I didn’t do this morning because of the updating. Keep dreaming of Italian weddings – and have a great weekend!

Warmhearted ♥ Elegant ♥ Dedicated ♥ Dreamy ♥ ITALIA!


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