To celebrate a wedding in Venice…an offer for brides-to-be

It has been a crazy week.¬†Truly crazy. I haven’t been able to blog due to too much work. And too much heat. And too many complications in the office. I’m sorry for that. Because I love to blog. I love to tell you about things that matters to me. About what I see here, the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, wedditalia! Here are our giveaway winners

(credits) Oh my, this is a most special day. I can hardly believe it. One year ago this blog was born. How fast can a year fly by…?? To celebrate this wonderful event, I launched our first giveaway and I’m very happy and excited to announce our winners (selected directly by Rafflecopter through¬† Please welcome … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: LUX – To me a luxury wedding in Italy means…

Hi there! It’s Friday and you are close to another weekend. I will, as usual, have to work, but as you know I love my job so there are absolutely no problems at all. For this “For Your Eyes Only Friday” I have been wondering what to treat you. We have been through quite a … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: Italian wedding receptions with a view

Today I’ll be taking you to check out a feature that shouldn’t miss wherever you choose to have your wedding reception. The panorama. Having your dinner served in a special place outside means that nature itself will be the frame of your reception. If you are eg. in Tuscany among the beautiful green hills, in … Continue reading

Made in Italy: Volcanos are all around?

…today’s post is going to be a bit different from what I usually post. That is because of the earthquake in Emilia-Romagna at the end of May. (For a post about this region, click here.) I know that some time has passed since this sad event happened – you must have heard everything about it … Continue reading

For Your Eyes Only: Oval tables for your wedding reception

Hey there, lovely people – what an amazing Friday this is. Here in Italy the hot weather finally seems to having arrived – today the temperature is above 28 degrees and I’m kind of having an issue with much too much clothes on… So, for “For Your Eyes Only” Friday, I’ve been thinking quite a … Continue reading

WED WED WEDnesday: A wedding symphony in yellow

…I think that I have a crush on inspiration boards. And furthermore, I think that it shows. To tell you the truth, I really love making them. I love getting into the “feeling” of each couple I get in contact with, trying to find out their inner thoughts and dreams, pull them out and get … Continue reading