WED WED WEDnesday: Purple-white weddings rock

You know, sometimes things just go “WOW!”.

And you find yourself creating something that you’d never thought could be possible.

That just happened the other day. I had a chat with a bride who wanted a very special feeling to her wedding, and she asked me to create an inspiration board in purple and white.

As you might know, in Italy “purple” is associated with death and mourning and very, very rarely we see weddings which include this particular color (except for the paler versions of the color, like lavender).

Needless to say that the bride is not Italian at all…

I was very excited about this possibility of creating something really unique for her, and I went hunting among my inspiration material to pull together the most lush and incredible inspiration board for this girl.

The bride had been inspired by all those gorgeous images you see from fabulous designers like Preston Bailey, Colin Cowie, Diann Valentine, David Tutera and Grace Ormonde – and who can blame her? She’d like something like this herself, but of course the budget is not as the ones of these great professionals. So, as you can imagine, my task wasn’t among the easiest: Combining wow-effects trying to keep the feeling of the inspiration board on a “reasonable level”.

I’m not sure that I succeeded in creating a “reasonable” solution for her – no, let me correct this: I’m sure that I DIDN’T create a “reasonable leveled” inspiration board for her.  I know that she enjoyed the atmosphere, the colors and the “texture” of the inspiration board and that she was wow’ed by some of the solutions that I chose as relevant for her upcoming wedding.

What I wanted her to see is that there are many ways that we can design a lush setting, both for the ceremony and for the reception – and there is no need for her to choose all the solutions. Often you see these over-the-top settings in which you are not even able to take in all the fabulous details. If you choose your design elements carefully, you can get that fantastic feeling that the “big names” create – without having to take a loan to pay off the bills.

inspiration board* by wedditalia

(*Photos found through: Italian villa, Bridal bouquet, Vintage bride, Chair garland

Calla bouquet, Bridal walkway, Wedding cake, Trash-the-Dress

Bridal gown, Purple lighting, Ceremony setting, Stunning backdrop

Table setting, Vintage gown, Reception setting, Sweets table)

That chair garland…it could be fabulous for the reception for bride and groom’s chairs. White and purple calla lilies put together make an incredible impact. Choosing a ceremony setting with draped fabrics and a chandelier would be a perfect backdrop for your vows (or should I say…wows? ;-)). Using lighting appropriately allow you to highlight the features of the venue – and hide the less flattering elements. And finally, make sure that your cake is done as should be.

See? We’ve taken into account many of the design elements already creating the basis for a wow’ey wedding, but without doing too much damage to the budget. And I’m sure that this bride appreciate the hints and tips we are able to give her to get her more value for her buck. After all, what we really care for is a happy couple getting the wedding of their dreams.

So…what do you think of this new inspiration board? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Warmhearted ♥ Elegant ♥ Dedicated ♥ Dreamy ♥ ITALIA!


PS. …Forgot to say that this beauty is getting into the new My Dream Sample Box. I’m SO EXITED about this, it’s going to be wonderful!

2 Responses to “WED WED WEDnesday: Purple-white weddings rock”
  1. I love the inspiration board you created! I had no idea that purple was viewed so differently in Italy!

    • wedditalia says:

      Thank you for the sweet comment, dear – and yes, purple is connected with funerals as are mums.
      A great pity as mums are among my favorite flowers for weddings – versatile, stunning, tiny or enormous and come in incredible colors…

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