Made in Italy: A sneak peek from a time- and energy-stealing Italian wedding

…I can hardly believe that TWO WEEKS have passed since I last posted on the blog. How can this be possible???

I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, I really had wanted to being able to make it – but the last weeks have been so hard to overcome that it has been impossible for me to keep up with all my duties.

What I have been up to? I had the most fabulous wedding! So simple was it. And even if I’ve been arranging weddings since 2006, this one caught me on the wrong leg – too much to do during the last couple of weeks.


…it was worth it. It was a truly amazing experience. And I loved every minute of the wedding day. Even if it was 21 hours long.

We were SO lucky with the weather. It’s not a secret that spring this year hasn’t been showing its best side, so we were truly blessed by a clear blue sky, sunshine and not too high temperature. Temperatures above normal could have been a problem, especially as we were having the ceremony outside next to the swimming pool, an area covered with brown-painted wood which heats up very easily when the sun beats down. Covering the area, though, wouldn’t have created the atmosphere that bride and groom wanted, so we decided to let go and hope for the best.

…oh yes, it surely was the perfect day for a wedding. And as I haven’t given you any kind of eye candy for quite some time, I’d like to post a very small sneak peek of this fabulous event. More is of course to come later on, but I thought that you might enjoy seeing what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t been able to post lately.

And even if I usually post non-wedding related stuff on Mondays, this wedding WAS made in Italy, so I think that it is perfectly suitable for me to blog about it today.

– even if you shouldn’t think it to be appropriate, I’m still going to do it 😉

So here goes: Being olive lovers, bride and groom chose to treat their guests to a favor made from black olive paté – and we decorated them as per their color scheme. These vases were greatly appreciated by the guests!

The seating plan was carefully prepared by bride and groom, and as the “Tree of Life” had become the central theme of the wedding, we created the tree to display the cards featuring table numbers and guests seated at that table. It was a huge success.

We normally use cones for the rice after the ceremony, but they are often hard to display in a proper manner. So as it was a very modern wedding, we loved the idea of using rice cubes for the guests to enjoy.

(And those were much easier to place on the chairs without getting rice all over the place…!)

Oh, the centerpieces. The bride had fallen in love with the classic clean look of a square vase filled with gorgeous flowers (in her case hydrangeas, orchids, gerberas, mums and carnations) placed on a mirror and with candles around for a beautiful light in the evening. The flower designer created stunning statement centerpieces which were much admired by both bridal couple and guests.

One of my favorite parts was the candy buffet. Maintaining the clean, modern lines, we decided for clear cellophane bags with either hot pink or lime green tags and matching ribbon.

I wasn’t the only one loving this part of the party…!

So, now you’ve seen some of the details of the wedding. Let’s take a look at the setting of the reception:

A huge tent overlooking the olive grove and the surrounding countryside was the perfect frame for seating the guests. And as you can see, even the flowers on the balcony match the color scheme.

(all photos credits)

As you can see, this was quite a particular wedding. I was so lucky to be part of it! I can hardly wait to show you the next photos, but we’ll have to wait – the photographers need a little time to work their way through the load of material they have got…

Stay tuned, I’m going to be back soon with more inspiration and eye candy!

Warmhearted ♥ Elegant ♥ Dedicated ♥ Dreamy ♥ ITALIA!


3 Responses to “Made in Italy: A sneak peek from a time- and energy-stealing Italian wedding”
  1. tgbears says:

    I love your eye for detail Annette. Very beautiful and thanks for sharing!

  2. Chiara Gori says:

    That’s a wedding you can really be proud of Annette, well done! Wonderful details indeed!

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