For Your Eyes Only: Tulip love for an Italian wedding

It’s my birthday today. I’m getting older. And wiser – hopefully…

If I am to judge from the image that came to my mind when looking for suitable photo inspiration for today’s post, I would probably say that I’m not. But I just love the motion of this ice skater’s dress – dazzling!


– well, back to something a little more serious ;-): Being a special day for me, I thought that I wanted to share something special. And the choice fell upon one of my biggest secrets: My passion for tulips in wedding and event design.

It is some kind of strange to notice that when talking about Italy and the flowers used for weddings, most people would think of just one kind of flowers that would do well: Roses. Oh yes, we ARE seeing other flowers used in the creation of the decor but 90% of the brides would instinctively go for roses. Or hydrangeas. Peonies. Calla lilies. Orchids.

But hardly anyone would think of tulips as being suitable for ceremony and reception decorations. And that I think is a pity! Just take a look at how gorgeous they can look (by the way, I love red and turquoise together, it makes such a bold statement!)


The best way of making the tulips shine their light, at least to me, is to put many flowers together in eg. glass vases and just let them bend in the direction they feel like. Multiple centerpieces is another incredible way to get the most out of your “flower power” 😉


Ombre effects are so hot these days, and tulips come in a variety of colors that you should easily be able to make a fabulous centerpiece. Love the way the three colors are divided – it gives the centerpiece such an elegant appearance. And I can only admire the way they are tied together – a great flower design, this one!


If you like the idea of tulips, you should also think about having a tulip bouquet. How awesome do they look when tied together with some ribbon, just one color of flowers… And the blush color which is so hip these days is an absolute favorite. (I don’t care much for the bridesmaids’ shoes, though, I think that they are a little bit too casual. If we are not at a beach wedding, that is!)


White and pale yellow tulips – how I adore this flower combo! It shouts out “Spring wedding” to me and THAT is something really special for me. Besides, the photographer has done an amazing job with the photography of this bride listening to the priest.


If you want your bouquet to be a real statement, you could go for an all-white, heart-shaped bouquet. This one is so gorgeous that it is hard to find the right words to describe it. The only thing that you have to be aware of is that a bouquet like this is bound to be quite heavy due to the amount of flowers used to create this beauty…


Well dear friends, I must admit that today I’d like to take a little care of myself. I think that I’ll take a stroll in town (!) to do some serious window shopping – and maybe buy myself a bunch of flowers!

And then I’ll start daydreaming about next year’s birthday. I’m going to arrange an incredible party for my family, as most of them are speaking since years of coming to Italy, but never do… I’m going to rent a villa in Tuscany so that we can be together for a week, enjoying the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, olive groves – and the food and wines! AND – I’ve just received the quotation from the owner – HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! Can hardly wait to start planning!

If I arrange a party for them and see to accommodation, transport, meals, sightseeing etc. so that they just have to buy their own flights and throw in some money for a week of vacation in Italy…do you think that they’ll arrive and help me overcoming the fact that I’m getting older? 🙂


– hmm, thinking about it… Maybe I should arrange for my florist to get some tulips for the evening of the birthday… Have to work a little on that idea… I’ll keep you posted whenever something is going to happen… Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend. I’ll go out and do some “damage” with my credit card!

Warmhearted ♥ Elegant ♥ Dedicated ♥ Dreamy ♥ ITALIA!


One Response to “For Your Eyes Only: Tulip love for an Italian wedding”
  1. tgbears says:

    Yes I love tulips too! No prize for guessing why 😉

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