News are coming up…while show is falling

…can you imagine? It’s snowing! And quite a lot, it seems: I had to go to an appointment today, but they cancelled it due to snow. Incredible…!!!

– that makes me think that I HAVE to share a couple of fabulous photoes. I just LOVE winter weddings! Love them!! Unfortunately this year none of my brides had settled for one, but I am looking so much forward to planning a winter wedding the upcoming season…!!! However, I adore the relaxed looks that bride and groom have in this photo even though they are up to their knees in snow (well, at least the groom is!). As for the bride, she must be freezing, poor thing!!


Winter ceremonies: I know of quite many couples having done their ceremony in winter. I’d NEVER have thought, though, that someone would get married in the open air, and especially not during a snowstorm. But look at these photoes of an outdoor winter wedding (images by Grazier Photography).

– this must have been a really chilly affair, even if it doesn’t even seem to bother neither any of the guests, nor the bridal couple!


…but hey, I keep talking about winter weddings when what I really wanted to tell you is something totally different! Something veeery interesting, at least from my point of view.

Next week, starting on Monday (drumroll, please) – this blog will get a completely new structure. There is going to be a “Monday Made in Italy”, a “WED WED WEDnesday” and a “For Your Eyes Only-Friday”. The three posts planned for the first week are going to explain further what each of these titles mean, giving examples and sticking out the guidelines for each topic. You’ll see that we are about to enter a very interesting world – the one of wedding & event design in Italy – which has many, many facets. Like a diamond – and I hope that my work is going to shine its little light and sparkle a bit in the dark 😉

Oh, I’m looking so much forward to starting this new adventure – in fact I wasn’t even supposed to write a post today, but I just couldn’t help it! This is so exiting for me and I hope that you’ll like it.

…I tried to resist, but I simply couldn’t. It’s still snowing, so I’m just sneaking in one last image of a snow bride. This is from a very beautiful and different winter wedding and I love the photoes which I find absolutely amazing and special.


What I hope to accomplish with this blog is something similar to this last photo: Create a different space with content that hits the bottom of the stomach because it matters in some way. I know that this is a big goal to achieve, but I’m going to make my best to reach it. I hope that along the way you’ll let me know how I am doing.

These are the news for today – if I could jump to Monday immediately, I would do that. I cannot wait to begin this journey together!

Warmhearted – Elegant – Dedicated – Dreamy ITALIA!


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