Italian wedding menus – how to fall in love eating…

When speaking of Italy everyone knows about three of the most important aspects of the Italian food culture: The pizza… (Photo through pourfemme) …the pasta (here it is “spaghetti alla carbonara”…) (Photo through Mill’Italia) And the icecream! Also called “gelato”… (Photo through pourfemme) But you hardly ever see these three “goodies” in a wedding menu…they … Continue reading

But why choose Italy for your wedding anyway???

…walking through the posts on my blog I suddenly realized that something important is missing… I’ve been speaking about traditions, showing beautiful locations, venues and possibilities for weddings in Italy, even going through what composes a standard Italian wedding – but until now I have been talking very little about what really matters: Why you … Continue reading

How about a beach wedding?

I know that many of you think of Italy for it’s culture, the food and wine, the soft hills and cypresses of Tuscany, the Canals in Venice… So when thinking of getting married in Italy maybe a beach wedding isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind. But I ask myself: Why not think … Continue reading