What if your wedding venue is too small…?

It does happen that bride and groom fall in love with a specific venue. But what to do if the chosen place is too small to accomodate the guests? In this case we would have to opt for an outdoor wedding and one of the outdoor wedding features closest to my heart is the tent. … Continue reading

Italian Inspiration: A 16th century abbey for your wedding?

Picture yourself in a Catholic church dating back to the Middle AgeĀ  saying your “I do”‘s. Once you step out into the sun again you walk for ten (10!) meters – and there is your venue, ready to welcome you, the bridal party and your other guests. The first glimpse you get is of a … Continue reading

A standard wedding in Italy

Is there such a thing like a “standard wedding”? I believe that in Italy a “standard wedding” do exist, at least to some point – let me explain how I see this wedding… Even if more and more people get married through a civil ceremony, most Italian brides like the idea of a church wedding. … Continue reading