A destination wedding in a secret spot?

When thinking of Italy places like Tuscany, Rome, Venice and the Amalfi Coast may come to your mind. Wonderful, beautiful, known throughout the world for the delicious food and important wines, culture, art, nature – you name it and you’ll get it. You can have it all… – IF you are willing to share your … Continue reading

A marvellous wedding in Venice?

Getting married in Venice is a dream for many couples. In this city in which you either walk or sail, there is a special atmosphere that every year attracts around 20 million tourists. And it surely IS something special to get married in Venice. Just think of  taking a gondol to the ceremony site. Could … Continue reading

wedditalia renews website – check it out!

(Photo: wedditalia) I am so happy to announce that our efforts during the last week have been repaid. wedditalia now has a brand new website with all the latest features incorporated. Whether you prefer following us on Facebook, on Twitter or here on WordPress you have the possibility to connect with us directly from our … Continue reading

Traditional Italian wedding cake: Millefoglie

When speaking about wedding cakes, Italians normally think of the American, several-tiered version covered in sugar paste. But if you come from abroad to celebrate your wedding in Italy, maybe you would care for a more local version of the wedding cake. And that’s easy to get – it’s called “Millefoglie” (could be translated in … Continue reading

Honeymoon on Italian ground?

How wonderful would it be to get married in Italy and then get off for your honeymoon? I think you see what I mean. Right? First a lovely wedding, maybe in one of the fabulous Italian churches. Then a wonderful reception with delicious foods and drinks in a fairytale location… (Photoes courtesy of Sabrina de … Continue reading

Typical Italian favours?

When planning a destination wedding in Italy most of you think immediately about the venue situated in the middle of  the beautiful nature the ceremony site in a historical building the delicious food and wine Those are some of the best reasons for planning your wedding on Italian territory. There are also other valid reasons … Continue reading

Destination Tuscany

Italian Destination Wedding

A fantastic destination wedding in Tuscany! Just one look on the stonehouses and I fell in love immediately. And there really was a great atmosphere, I can assure you. But let’s get down to business. Immagine a small hotel on a hilltop… Immagine a couple in love… A setting around the swimming pool – with … Continue reading